Dental veneer: an embellishment of your smile

Dental veneer

The scientific and technological evolution of the 21st century discerns several revolutions in the field of medicine. It is not least in terms of dentistry where different dental techniques that deal with aesthetic and functional problems of teeth have been created. Indeed, dentistry is dedicated to correcting and repairing the damage caused by various diseases of the teeth and gums. However, nowadays, it also addresses the aesthetic beautification of the face and smile, thanks to healthy, well-aligned and white teeth.

What definition should be given to dental veneers?

Astonishing natural results, your life radically changed: here are the advantages that veneers offer you. Dental veneers are implants bonded directly to the surface of the front teeth. They are essentially composed of ceramic enamel which guarantees a natural effect to your artificial teeth. Whatever your problem, the dental veneer remains your best solution. In the first place, teeth which for you are not perfect: teeth that are too far apart or too stuck together, happiness teeth, teeth damaged by cavities, drug abuse and other will easily corrected by applying Lumineers veneers . It’s up to you to choose between the shapes you like: round, pointed, big or small. In addition, Doctor Zisserman has developed with his team fast and efficient operating sequences. In a second plan, the teeth which for you are not well aligned preventing you from smiling even at the happiest moment of your life. Worry no more, veneers will align your teeth like you’re the star of a toothpaste commercial. Finally, the installation of Lumineers veneers allows you to grant white teeth that are easy to treat over time without having to resort to painful orthodontics and incessant scaling.

What approach should be given to the aesthetics of the smile?

Cosmetic dentistry allows us to envisage an aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of your teeth in a few sessions and totally painless. In the office of the expert Dr. Zisserman, he assures you a real and perfect comfort which will allow you to never fear an appointment with your dentist again. This option takes cosmetic dentistry as insurance so that our smile is one of our most formidable weapons in terms of seduction and hiring, so it is essential for us to brighten it up as much as possible.

What means to adopt to acquire this fabulous smile?

Dentistry is a profession often felt by patients with dread and fear in their stomachs with the old ways of dealing with teething problems. Nevertheless, new dental practices have become simple and painless. It thus calms our thoughts by guaranteeing us healthy, white and healthy teeth, and frees you momentarily from your fears. You just have to apply them with control so that you can be at peace . Today, get treatment without fear with the Lumineers dental veneer. To do this, you can contact Dr. Zisserman’s office directly where you can, without prior commitment, get an idea of ​​your dental veneer price .

Laying of dental veneers

We only have one name to suggest to you, and that is Dr. Martine Zisserman’s office. It has the only firm that masters the placement of Lumineers veneers. In addition, it offers a 5-year warranty for its Lumineers customers.

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