Peptides: anti-aging champions?


Increasingly used in cosmetics, peptides are powerful small molecules that delay the appearance of skin aging and dissipate pigment spots. Star compounds, immersed in the heart of our anti-aging treatments that rejuvenate the skin. Bethsabée Coutaz, Scientific Director Dr. Pierre Ricaud, deciphers their beauty effectiveness for us.

Are there any contraindications?

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Naturally present in the body, peptides are small transmitters that evolve in our cells to boost the natural process as soon as it slows down. So when the skin ages, they intervene where the body fails, that is to say on the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Thanks to cosmetics enriched with peptides, the epidermis boosts its internal activity to stimulate cell renewal, but also the collagen synthesis process.

What are peptides?

Peptides are small chains of amino acids. ” They can be described as small proteins. They include between 3 and 50 amino acids and in cosmetics most often they include between 3 and 10 amino acids. The amino acid being the smallest building block of protein composition”, explains Bethsabée Coutaz, Scientific Director Dr. Pierre Ricaud. Peptides are different from protein. ” The peptide is smaller than the protein, and it is generally linear, whereas the protein has a 3-dimensional structure “, specifies the expert. In cosmetics, peptides are mainly found in anti-aging face care. They act on wrinklesand fine lines, firm the tissues, or plump the epidermis for an effective rejuvenating tensor effect.

What is the function of collagen peptides?

explains the scientific director of Dr. Pierre Ricaud. Very popular in cosmetics, peptides therefore intervene directly in the production of collagen.  They are generally used to stimulate the metabolism of cells such as the production of collagen, hyaluronic acid, or other structural elements of the skin.”, reports Bethsabée Coutaz. Peptides are small active molecules that boost cellular activity and help it to form a barrier against external aggressions (pollution, free radicals) and thus preserve its vitality.

What is the origin of peptides in cosmetics?

” Peptides are very powerful active ingredients. They are naturally present in the skin as cellular messengers and are very easily recognized by cell receptors to reactivate the synthesis of the structural elements of the skin. The most widely used peptides in cosmetics are generally derived from synthesis. The most frequently used synthetic peptides, collagen activators are Matrixyl, or Botox-like peptides such as argireline. Nevertheless, more and more plant peptides are appearing in the cosmetic landscape, such as the lupine peptides present in the Dr. Pierre Ricaud Glow cream, for its ability to strengthen skin microcirculation and improve skin radiance “, develops Bethsabée Coutaz, Scientific Director Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

Peptides are the anti-aging allies of choice. And for good reason, they promote overall management of skin aging. These powerful anti-ageing active ingredients are a real rejuvenation treatment for the skin.

Are there any contraindications?

” There is no contraindication “, assures the scientific expert.  For large peptides, there is mistrust on the part of toxicologists vis-à-vis their allergenic potential ” , notes Bethsabée Coutaz.

Thanks to Bethsabée Coutaz, Scientific Director Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

Discover our cosmetic selection of the best treatments enriched with peptides

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Bernard Cassière Youth Serum with Spirulina and Eye Contour Cream: Enriched with Spirulina, Brown Algae Alaria esculenta and Criste Marine, this serum offers the skin an immediate plumping effect. Associated with a tree fern extract and youth peptides, it slows down the appearance of the signs of ageing. Its fine texture also includes virgin jojoba oil known for its softening power at the heart of its formula.

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