Skin issues: fighting blemishes

Skin issues

All skin types can be confronted with different types of imperfections at one time or another . If they are very frequent during adolescence due to puberty, adults are not spared. In fact, nearly 58% of women between the ages of 25 and 34 say they are regularly affected by skin problems . Whether it’s pimples, dilated pores, pigment spots or residual scars, the impact on the quality of the skin and the radiance of the complexion is immediate. The challenge is then to eliminate the imperfectionsto regain clear, smooth and luminous skin. The pharmacists of Pharma GDD show you the right things to do to prevent and reduce blemishes and explain how to camouflage them on a daily basis to obtain a flawless complexion.

The different types of blemishes and their causes

When talking about blemishes and skin problems, acne is probably the term that comes up most often. However, other causes can be at the origin of different types of imperfections and not just pimples. Indeed, if adolescence is a period conducive to the appearance of blackheads , comedones and microcysts, adults (especially women) are also concerned. Scars, enlarged pores, areas of shine, pigment spots and pimples can indeed develop throughout life. It is then a question of dealing with a double problem: imperfections and the first signs of skin aging.

TheCombination to oily skin is the most affected by imperfections, because it secretes more sebum than others, which is favorable ground. However, skin problems can also appear on normal skin, mature skin and sensitive skin under the influence of several factors. In addition to acne, internal causes such as hormonal variations (contraception, pregnancy, menopause), stress , heredity or fatigue are sometimes triggers for skin imperfections.

Skin problems can also be favored by external elements that cannot always be controlled, such as pollution , dust or exposure to tobacco smoke.. The lifestyle also plays a role in the quality of the skin and a diet that is too rich in fats and/or sugars is not ideal if you want to avoid imperfections . Finally, poor daily hygiene or an unsuitable care routine for the skin and its problems can also be responsible for certain recurring skin problems.

Prevent the appearance of blemishes

It is possible to prevent the appearance of imperfections by following a few simple rules on a daily basis. If you suffer from acne, we recommend that you consult our two advice sheets dedicated to this subject: “How to prevent acne? and ” How to treat acne?” » . They will allow you to have complete information adapted to this skin problem. With regard to other types of imperfections, prevention is based on three elements: care adapted to the type of skin, sun protection and a healthy lifestyle .

The key steps of a skincare routine

To avoid skin problems, it is above all necessary to choose care adapted to the nature and needs of the skin. There are four types of skin that we have detailed in our advice sheet: “Recognize and maintain each type of skin” . When you have found the products that are right for you and that have visible results on your skin, don’t change!

The double cleansing

One of the most important beauty gestures is to remove make- up and then cleanse the epidermis. This is where the double cleansing technique comes into play. Inspired by Asian rituals, it helps to rid the pores of make-up and above all of all the impurities that are less visible and which promote imperfections : particles of pollution and dust, sebum, sweat… This technique also helps to re-oxygenate the epidermis and to prepare it for the application of the following treatments so that they are more effective. In practice, two steps must be distinguished:

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